Spotlight on Store Owner: Theresa Johnson

“Owning and buying for a fashion boutique in Newport Beach, California is a dream come true,” says buyer and owner Theresa Johnson, and this fall season’s trends feel as if they were planned with Newport in mind.  Every start to a new season reminds her of what she loves to do. Here are a few of her favorite trends.

#1- Green; From emerald green to army green there is a whole movement going on and we love it in every shade. Try a simple addition to your wardrobe by picking up a tee in Cortez from Michael Stars, army colored jeans from AG, or simply a great accessory like a classic pattered scarf! Don’t forget how elegant emerald can look when paired with other jewel tones, such as sapphire, amethyst and garnet!




#2- Back to nature; Strong focus on cozy knits, fur trimmed jackets and boots. This year it’s all about layering hues of color, for example, from java to cobblestone to sand all in one look,  and then add the perfect beanie to tie it all together!

Cozy cable knit sweater




#3- The new neutral gray; This color has become an irresistible neutral to pair with different tones, such as, slate, charcoal, and platinum gray. This is a strong color to experiment with color blocking, another fall trend this season. The best thing to remember is to have fun with it, make it your own!

Gray Gray Gray!

#4- Outerwear; Statement making manifests itself with faux fur jackets, coats, and knit bombers. They’re not only there to keep you warm but also serve as the main focus of your look. Faux fur coats are an ultimate winter staple this season, remember to consider the rest of your outfit when rocking these coats. Keep everything else simple.

Guilt Joy Jacket

#5- Street Wise; Clean with a touch of leather. Nobody does it better than Bailey44, from chic dresses with leather bodices to fitted vests with leather fronts and knit backs. The most important part of your street wise look is to keep it simple and sophisticated with an edgy touch.

Street Wise

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Employee Bio – Meet Leiandra

Assistant Store Manager, Fashion Island Location

When not at Modern Romance, Leiandra is busy playing with her new puppy or you can find her running her heart out. Born in San Diego but a San Clement native, Leiandra loves working at Modern Romance; “It’s like working in my dream closet everyday!” This health conscience, jewelry-loving vegan has a quirky habit, watching infomercials late at night. “I never buy anything, but I’m amazed that some people do.” Leiandra’s ultimate goal is to visit Paris, France again and start her own vintage inspired clothing line. Even though she went to school for skin care, her passion for fashion brought her back to retail and we are happy to have her.

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Employee Bio – Meet Ally

Store Manager, Fashion Island Location

Meet Ally, our new manager in the Fashion Island store. Ally is an Orange county native through and through, loving sunshine and the beach. She’s already visited Madrid and Mexico City but dreams of someday settling in Canada or France. Her ultimate goal in life is to be happy and affect positive change in the lives of others. Her hobbies include hiking, spending time with family & her boyfriend and charity work. Ally has an appetite for hummus, wants a monkey as a pet, and loves stacking lots of bracelets.  What brought her to Modern Romance? “The family vibe!” Welcome to the family Ally. ;-)


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Staff Poll – V-Day or D-Day?

Time for another Modernshopgirl poll! This time we asked our staff, Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it? The responses were overwhelmingly LOVE IT, guess the Modernshopgirls are hopeless romantics. Good thing we all work at Modern Romance. ;-)

Ally / Store Manager, Fashion Island

I love Valentine ’s Day!  I am not a hopeless romantic but this is the one day of the year where you can be girly and feminine. It is a day to wear a little flirty Harper or Bailey dress with some cute heels & accessories and spend the day in a fairy tale.  It is a time be corny and show your best friend how much you appreciate him.  My ideal place to be on Valentine’s day is any romantic getaway and to do something that reminds us of why we have each other in our lives.  I love the hearts everywhere and the love music on the radio, it’s in the way you look at each other that makes you get butterflies all over again. It seems to be a day where you can reminisce on all the great times and the way you have grown together. Love is in the air.

Amy / Sales Associate, Fashion Island

I am a true lover of Valentine’s Day! Everything about it makes me happy. Romantic candle lit dinners, heart shaped boxes full of delectable chocolates, pink bubbly on ice, bouquets of beautiful flowers, adorable cupids and lots and lots of hearts!  What I love most of all about Valentine’s Day is celebrating it with the love of my life. He makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day! I am very lucky girl.

Anna / Sales Associate, Fashion Island

I LOVE Valentine’s Day regardless of whether I’m dating someone or not. I am a hopeless romantic girly girl. I love love and celebrating relationships of all kinds: romantic, familial, friendships, etc. Any day I get to wear extra pink & hearts, eat extra chocolate and drink champagne is a good day.

Ashlee / Sales Associate, Fashion Island

I love Valentine’s Day because it’s just another excuse to celebrate the people you care most about. I am a true hopeless romantic and love everything about this magical day. There’s nothing more romantic than a homemade dinner, wine, candles, rose peddles, while the fire place is burning and finishing the night with dessert. To me it’s not about the present but being in the presence of your loved one. True love should be celebrated every day!

Sarah / Store Manager, Aliso Viejo

Love it! It’s one day out of the year to tell the people in your life just how special they are.  It doesn’t to just be for couples.  When I was single I used to go out with all my girlfriends for a night out on the town.

Ashley / Sales Associate, Aliso Viejo

Of course there are those “single” years which are less exciting than others, but for the most part I love it! LOVE is the most important aspect to everyone’s life, so why shouldn’t there be a holiday dedicated to it?

Kim / Sales Associate, Aliso Viejo

I am in the middle. I think the expectations when you have someone in your life is a little too much on Valentines day.  I love to let my friends and kids know I love & care about them and surprise them with a little something unexpected!

Leiandra / Assistant Store Manager, Fashion Island

I love Valentine’s Day because I’m in love with love!


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Christmas in January

In retail it is nearly impossible to have a company Christmas party in December. Not only is the month full of family & friends but it is the busiest time of the year for Modern Romance! On a beautiful morning in January, our amazing boss Theresa, gathered us girls for a brunch at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach. We had a great time relaxing, laughing, and drinking champagne. We also got to properly welcome our new manager at the Fashion Island location, Ally & our new assistant manager, Leiandra. Check back soon for blog bios on these two fabulous additions to our team!


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Employee Bio – Meet Jenn

Sales Associate, Aliso Viejo Location

Jenn hails from Seattle, Washington. How did she end up here in sunny So. Cal.? She attended college in San Diego and hasn’t left southern California since! Jenn keeps busy running after her three young children while trying to stay one step ahead them. Her passion for Mexican food is only eclipsed by her love of dogs, friendly ones only. Jenn’s ultimate goal in life is to be happy & worry less about the little things. She can hardly wait to visit anywhere with a warm, white sand beach to start on that goal.

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Employee Bio – Meet Ashlee

Sales Associate, Fashion Island Location

When Ashley’s not at Modern Romance you can find her riding her beach cruiser.  After starting in bridal make up Ashlee came to Modern Romance because of her passion for customer service. She loves working on an intimate level with our clients and meeting their every need. An Orange County native, Ashlee loves running marathons and riding her quad when she can make it out to the desert. You can definitely pick her out of a crowd; her favorite accessory is her feather earrings.


Employee Bio – Meet Shea

Visual Merchandiser

Trips to Disneyland and studying astrology are the two main constants in Shea’s life. When she is not creating visual displays for Modern Romance you can find her dreaming of opening her very own boutique. Shea lives for Mexican food, sushi, elephants, and loves a ring on every finger. Born and raised in Orange County Shea one day would love to visit Santorini, Greece. Why? “I want to know if it’s as clean as it looks in all the movies.”


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Employee Bio – Meet Jennifer

Director of Social Media & eCommerce

Jennifer is passionate about fashion, the mystery of black holes, English bulldogs, and Santana’s California Burritos.  When she is not working/blogging for Modernshopgirl she spends her time perusing fashion & decorating blogs and watching movies with her husband. Something unusual about Jennifer? She loves to watch professional cycling! “I grew up watching the Tour De France and got to see Lance Armstrong’s 7th win in Paris.” Jennifer dreams of visiting Greece, specifically the island of Santorini. A native of San Diego, Jennifer’s goal one day is to start her own retail consulting business specifically for boutiques.  Her favorite thing about working at Modern Romance/Modernshopgirl? “The people!”



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Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re handing out candy at home or off to a monster bash, have a happy and safe Halloween!


The Modernshopgirls

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