Style Tips for the Modernshopgirl: New Neons

Happy Monday Modernshopgirls! Today we start a new series here at Modblog, Style Tips for the Modernshopgirl. We will take new trends and give you several ways to style them. Kicking us off with a bang is NEON, a huge trend this spring. Lots of us who grew up and remember the 80s have a harder time adopting this trend, so we thought we give you a new way to wear it that captures the trend without looking like an eighties throw back. Stop by one of our locations and our fabulous staff will get you started!

#1 – Neon Neutrals: Not ready to take the full plunge? Just put on a Michael Stars neon tank with a neutral sweater and white jeans. The khaki & white striped Michael Stars sweater and white Hudson jeans tone down the overall affect while still giving you some pop.

#2 – Keep It Casual: While the celebrities might be wearing neon at night, for everyday keep it casual. The Michael Stars short sleeve dolman is the perfect relaxed top with their khaki linen shorts. Throw on a scarf and a woven clutch and you are ready for wherever the day may take you.

#3 – Pair it with Pastels: For the slightly more daring, pair neon with pastels. We chose this seasons other hottest trend, colored denim by Hudson. This minty blue Nico skinny keeps the Michael Stars highlighter neon toned down. Add a Lucky Brand denim jacket and colorful necklace and you ready for a day of errands or a dinner date night!

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Happy President’s Day!

If you are lucky enough to have the day off, stop by one of our locations and check out our fabulous new spring merchandise from brands like Ella Moss, Splendid, Michael Stars, Hudson, and many more!

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Employee Bio – Meet Ally

Store Manager, Fashion Island Location

Meet Ally, our new manager in the Fashion Island store. Ally is an Orange county native through and through, loving sunshine and the beach. She’s already visited Madrid and Mexico City but dreams of someday settling in Canada or France. Her ultimate goal in life is to be happy and affect positive change in the lives of others. Her hobbies include hiking, spending time with family & her boyfriend and charity work. Ally has an appetite for hummus, wants a monkey as a pet, and loves stacking lots of bracelets.  What brought her to Modern Romance? “The family vibe!” Welcome to the family Ally. ;-)


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Staff Poll – V-Day or D-Day?

Time for another Modernshopgirl poll! This time we asked our staff, Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it? The responses were overwhelmingly LOVE IT, guess the Modernshopgirls are hopeless romantics. Good thing we all work at Modern Romance. ;-)

Ally / Store Manager, Fashion Island

I love Valentine ’s Day!  I am not a hopeless romantic but this is the one day of the year where you can be girly and feminine. It is a day to wear a little flirty Harper or Bailey dress with some cute heels & accessories and spend the day in a fairy tale.  It is a time be corny and show your best friend how much you appreciate him.  My ideal place to be on Valentine’s day is any romantic getaway and to do something that reminds us of why we have each other in our lives.  I love the hearts everywhere and the love music on the radio, it’s in the way you look at each other that makes you get butterflies all over again. It seems to be a day where you can reminisce on all the great times and the way you have grown together. Love is in the air.

Amy / Sales Associate, Fashion Island

I am a true lover of Valentine’s Day! Everything about it makes me happy. Romantic candle lit dinners, heart shaped boxes full of delectable chocolates, pink bubbly on ice, bouquets of beautiful flowers, adorable cupids and lots and lots of hearts!  What I love most of all about Valentine’s Day is celebrating it with the love of my life. He makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day! I am very lucky girl.

Anna / Sales Associate, Fashion Island

I LOVE Valentine’s Day regardless of whether I’m dating someone or not. I am a hopeless romantic girly girl. I love love and celebrating relationships of all kinds: romantic, familial, friendships, etc. Any day I get to wear extra pink & hearts, eat extra chocolate and drink champagne is a good day.

Ashlee / Sales Associate, Fashion Island

I love Valentine’s Day because it’s just another excuse to celebrate the people you care most about. I am a true hopeless romantic and love everything about this magical day. There’s nothing more romantic than a homemade dinner, wine, candles, rose peddles, while the fire place is burning and finishing the night with dessert. To me it’s not about the present but being in the presence of your loved one. True love should be celebrated every day!

Sarah / Store Manager, Aliso Viejo

Love it! It’s one day out of the year to tell the people in your life just how special they are.  It doesn’t to just be for couples.  When I was single I used to go out with all my girlfriends for a night out on the town.

Ashley / Sales Associate, Aliso Viejo

Of course there are those “single” years which are less exciting than others, but for the most part I love it! LOVE is the most important aspect to everyone’s life, so why shouldn’t there be a holiday dedicated to it?

Kim / Sales Associate, Aliso Viejo

I am in the middle. I think the expectations when you have someone in your life is a little too much on Valentines day.  I love to let my friends and kids know I love & care about them and surprise them with a little something unexpected!

Leiandra / Assistant Store Manager, Fashion Island

I love Valentine’s Day because I’m in love with love!


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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! Whether you are a die-hard fan, just in it for the food, or live for the halftime show (Madonna!) the Super Bowl is a national holiday for most of America. Are you ready for this Sunday? Just because it tends to be a “man’s version of the Academy Awards” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and look good while doing it! Here at Modernshopgirl, we’ve come up with a few Super Bowl Sunday suggestions to keep you comfy, cute and ready for some FOOTBALL!

Even if your team is not playing, it’s easy to be a fan without looking like a fanatic. Michael Stars 3/4 Sleeve Dolman in blue, Hudson Beth Cropped in white, Michael Stars Short Sleeve Dolman in Red


If you are hosting, it doesn’t mean you just have to cater to the men (beer & pizza)! Present something the ladies will enjoy too! For the best ideas check out Hostess with the Mostess.

Make sure you don’t miss Madonna’s halftime show! She will be debuting her new single and singing a few of her hits with some special guests! Word on the street is it’s LMFAO.

Finally, stick around for the commercials. This year they promise to be celebrity packed: David Beckham, Matthew Broderick, Adrianna Lima and Donald Trump just to name a few!

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